The procedure for developing XHEIE is always transparent and participative. At the beginning of the preparatory work of XHEIE, all ministries of science of the states, higher education institutions, and other organisations were involved in the work. This preliminary work was brought together in a standardisation strategy and coordinated with the higher education institutions, the states' science ministries, and other stakeholders. In April 2020, the documentation of the need for standardisation and the first processing of the demand by starting implementation work leads to early versions of a specification.

Since then, the first use cases and requirements for data exchange between higher education institutions were analysed in so-called standardisation meetings and published on July 17, 2020, here.

The systematic procedure, like the emerging standard, is also based on two proven methodologies:

a) German XÖV procedure and

b) European Methodology the development of core vocabularies.

Common to both methods is the model-driven specification development, transparent elaboration through the publication of change notes, the aspect of strong re-use of already proven technologies, and the use of non-proprietary future-proof and free technologies, e.g., the W3C Technology Stack.