+++ Update November 6, 2020: The following feedback was provided in formal review via CEFWiki on the methodology and the (first 5) data models.

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We have received 45 documents from 22 institutions.

The results, original documents from you, and the consolidated English language feedback will be published here


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With regard to the implementation of the Regulation on the establishment of a uniform digital access gate (SDG Regulation), German higher education institutions are called upon to coordinate the German position of the higher education sector for the "Technical System for the Automated Cross-Border Exchange of Evidence and Application of the "Once-Only Principle"" mentioned in Article 14, the SDG data models for higher education institution admissions planned by the KOM, Comment on Diploma and Diploma Supplements when a need for change has been identified.

Further details on the procedure and the selection of evidence can be found in the "Study on Data Mapping for the cross border application of the Once-Only technical system SDG" and in the methodological notes here https://github.com/SEMICeu/SDG-sandbox/tree/master/process_and_method/methodology 

The standardisation project XHEIE (http://www.xhochschule.de/), which is supported by the BMBF and OZG subject area education, will take over the structuring and consolidation and the English language submission of the change notices on the call for comments platform ( https://github.com/SEMICeu/SDG-sandbox/issues ).

We ask you to take into account the extremely short period for comments set by the EU Commission and the resulting deadline for you to submit your comments until October 12, 2020, 08:00.

Please send your comments as PDF comments to xhochschule@init.de subject: SDG comments.

PDFs for commenting on the educational evidence:

University access authorization:  SDG-ISA2_educational_evidences_participation_procedure_organized_via_XHochschule_zur_HZB.pdf

Diploma: http://www.xhochschule.de/media/pdf/SDG-ISA2_educational_evidences_Beteiligungsverfahren_organisiert_via_XHochschule_zum_Diploma.pdf

Diploma Supplement: SDG-ISA2_educational_evidences_participation_procedure_organized_via_XUniversity_of_the_DiplomaSupplement.pdf

Record of results: ISA2_educational_evidences_participation_procedure_organized_via_XUniversity_of_the_RecordOfResults.pdf