On 09th of September 2020 a virtual meeting "Digital credential services to meet SDG" was organised by XHEIE.

It took place with the following setting and line up and was recorded for the public (you! :) )


  • virtual expert workshop on interoperability
  • date and time: 09th September 10am-1pm
  • sector: education
  • focus: credentials
  • coverage: European Commission and Germany
  • language: English

screenshot of recorded zoom meeting


The meetings recording was published here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL__QMkVbj0


  1. (DE) Video minute 1 - Mr. Sklarß Introduction  
  2. (DE) Mr. Bonse regarding German Online Access Act (OZG) 
  3. (DE) Mr.  Harnoth regarding SDG requirements
  4. (DE) Mr. Pineda regarding the DAAD activities concerning the project "Digital Campus"
  5. (DE) Mr. Bormann regarding Uni-Assist services 
  6. (EU) Mr. Seth van-Hooland regarding SDG-data modelling of ISA² DG Informatics 
  7. (EU) Mr. Panescu regarding Publications Office EU vocabularies and tools
  8. (DE) Mr. Radenbach regarding the plattform for international student mobility PIM 
  9. (DE) Mr. Herzog regarding the XHochschule (XHEIE) metadata for digital credentials 
  10. (DE/INT) Mr. Pongratz regarding the Digital Credential Consortium Initiative and Techical University of Munich
  11. (EU) Mr. Camilléri regarding Europass and the Europass Learning Model
  12. (EU) Mr. Gattwinkel regarding DG Connect CEFDigital "Trusted Assertions"
  13. Launch of XHEIE Video on Youtube